Black Sea Cruises

Black Sea Cruises

The Black Sea is an inland sea in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. It is connected to the Mediterranean by the Bosphorus Strait. A Black Sea cruise will take you to lands known for their history, terrain, unique cultures and long-standing traditions.

Port stops in the Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania are featured and sailings are typically 7 to 14 nights in length sailing from April through October. Favorites are the sunny Crimean Coast, the colorful day-to-day activities of Istanbul, or the therapeutic resorts of Odessa.

Most cruisers have not considered a Black Sea cruise and undoubtedly the question comes up – is it worth it? Absolutely! But, go there soon before the modern plague of commercialism starts to erode its unique characteristics.

The Black Sea is one of the best-kept secrets of the cruising world. It offers a perfect antidote to the crowds that clamor to the Mediterranean. It offers every bit as much history and culture, alongside fabulous white sand beaches and increasingly sophisticated cities.

You can look forward to a wide variety of experiences on a Black Sea cruise – one day soaking up the sun on the beaches of Varna in Bulgaria, the next exploring the cobbled medieval streets of nearby Nessebur. Perhaps the magnificent parks and fine architecture of Odessa, the region’s most sophisticated city piques your interest. Or if some real world history is your Black Sea thing, visit Sevastopol – where the Light Brigade made its legendary Crimean War charge. Yalta is where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill gathered and re-drew the map of Europe at the end of World War II.

For the foodies in the group, a Black Sea cruise should not disappoint. Local dishes abound including pelmeny (meat dumplings), vareniki (a sweet version of pelmeny but stuffed with cherries or ricotta cheese). And if you are VERY adventurous, a plate of barbecued sheep’s testicles are sure to hit the spot; or not. And like every bizarre food that few have the courage to eat, they supposedly taste (wait for it) just like chicken.

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